Jack Martin

Nov 2006, C.A.




I have tried several mobile browsers but RSS is definitely a better way to access your favorite sites and manage business on the go and RssNews! is the best RSS reader for series 60. I can easily manage my feeds and save articles I like for later view. Great symbian software.

For a long time I have been looking for a stock tracker software for my E61. Recently I tried this little soft MobFinance. It works great on my phone, with just one click, I can view latest quotes and manage my portfolio right on my hand! Marvelous!

Steven Habor

Oct 2006, London

 Nicole Anita

June 2007, Washington




This is a great little app. It is the only RSS reader for S60 phones that I am completely satisfied with. You can customize your categories & feeds, download favorite articles to your mobile phone and read it anytime you want. Well worth the price! Try it and you will see.

I really like this small & easy-to-use software-MobFinance EU edition. It makes very easy to trace all my stocks on multiple European exchanges. It offers a very comprehensive range of finance information for each stock. It really saves a lot of my time and makes my investment much more efficient. Wonderful!


Mar 2007, Italy

Newtone Smith

May 2007, London  




I have tested a couple of stock tracker software, this one is definitely the best one. It is specially designed for our UK investors. It is very easy to use and all profits are converted in pounds. Now  I can view the market value of all my stocks anywhere I go. I am very happy about it!

One month ago I download a free trial of MobFinance, it works prefect on my Nokia 7210. Now I have customized my personal MobFinance to help me manage portfolios in US, Germany and Canada. I have to say, the little software rocks!

Ronard Monahan

June 2007, C.A  

Mike Dinile

July 2007, Australia 




I was using RssNews! v1.3 & was very happy with it. It has very pleasant looks, making it a real fun to use. IMOBLIFE is providing a great service to mobile users worldwide and I wish IMOBLIFE all the best in keeping up its good work!

I have purchased MobFinance v2.0 and found it is really comfortable to use. Very organized and comprehensive stock data and news, plus very easy-to-use features. Now I am offered a free upgrade to v2.5, I can not be more happy with it.

Mike Tornard

July 2007, Sweden 

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