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RssNews! is the most agile and easy-to-use mobile RSS news reader which enables you to read news and blogs directly from BlackBerry.

With RssNews!, you can get access to RSS feeds scattered all around the world and read latest news or blogs wherever you are. At the same time, RssNews! will continuously improve our service according to your preference and prepare personalized RSS feeds just for you!


* The above price includes 1-year free product upgrade.



- Super easy-to-use for non-professional BlackBerry users

- Predefined RSS content categories for general users

- Most light-weight & Low-cost but full-functional mobile RSS reader  

- Full Support for RSS & ATOM feeds

- Automatic RSS photo identification & Downloading for offline view

- Intelligent chart zoom-in & zoom-out to fit the screen size of different mobile phones

- Compressed data transferring support which saves up to 80% of network usage

- Intelligence-embedded XML parser & error reviser

- Full control of feeds updating to save your money

- Opens original content links in your handheld's default web browser

- Easily Bookmarking favorite news for offline reading

- Multi-language support-English, German, Italian, Spanish, French

- Scrolling headline + Most popular & interesting feeds & category

- optimized for all series of BlackBerry



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