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FinanceNews is developed based on RssNews!-An easy-to-use mobile RSS news reader for your handheld. With FinanceNews, you can get access to Finance RSS feeds from 9 major finance websites/resources whenever and wherever you are.

Predefined finance news feeds include:

BussinessWeek, CNN, Reuters, New York Times - Business, New York Times - Your Money, Yahoo Finance - Top News, Yahoo Finance - US Market, Washingtonpost - Business, The Wall Street Journal

FinanceNews US Edition

FinanceNews EU Edition



- Super easy-to-use for non-professional mobile users

- Predefined finance feeds for general users

- Most light-weight & Low-cost but full-functional mobile RSS reader  

- RSS & ATOM fully supported

- Automatic RSS photo identification & downloading for offline view

- Intelligent chart zoom-in & zoom-out to fit the screen size of different mobile phones

- Compressed news support  which saves up to 80% of network usage

- Intelligence-embedded XML parser & error reviser

- Fully updating feeds manually  to save your money

- Opens original content links in your handset's default web browser

- Multi-language support-English, German, Italian, Spanish, French

- Scrolling headline

- 100% Freebie


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