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The Top-qualified and All-in-one Brainwaves Store on BlackBerry App World!  

Do you want to Relax and Meditate? Do you want to learn even faster? Are you tired of bearing Pains and Allergy? Have you ever tried your best to improve your IQ? Are you interested in traveling in the Outer Space within your Own Fantasy World? Just click on your smart phones and let our Brainwave Recordings bring you to a different world.

Brainwaves – The Unexplainable Store is an integrated brainwave app that allows you to instantly reach Altered States of Consciousness by triggering your mind to synchronize with exact frequencies that will bring you to specific ranges of Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. All the brainwaves included in this app are Isochronic tones, which is the most powerful type of brainwave tuning patterns.

Do it for the Kids

At least 10% of our gross sales go to non-profit organizations.

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Brainwave Categories and Recordings Available:

    Spiritual & Metaphysical           Money & Prosperity           Health & Hygiene

      – Astral Projection

      – Lucid Dreaming

      – Chakra Opening

      – Aura Viewing

      – Past Life Regression

      – Remote Viewing

      – Meditation Package

      – ESP/Psychic

      – Shaman Consciousness

            – Manifestation

            – Prosperity Package

            – Motivation Package

            – Relaxation

           – Allergy Relief

           – Headache Relief

           – Pain Management

           – Sleep Package

         Brain Function          Therapy Recordings         PersonalDevelopment

      – Memory Package

      – Creativity Package

      – IQ Increase

          – Anxiety Aid

          – Addiction Help

          – Attention Disorder

          – Relaxation Package

          – Depression Help

         – Confidence Package

         – Positive Mindset

And Many More Brainwave Recordings are to Come!

Plus a 10-minute Relaxation Brainwave for free (a value of $6)

With 50+ free samples and high quality brainwave entrainment recordings, it is The Ultimate Brainwave Entrainment App on BlackBerry App World!

About Isochronic tones & The Unexplainable Store

If you are looking for the most effective type of brainwave entrainment, Isochronic tones are the way to go. As Binaural Tones, Isochronic Tones also use equal intensity tones, but the pulse speed is greater, causing the brain to synchronize with the rhythm. Many people have found isochronic tone recordings to be more effective than the more old-fashioned binaural beats when it comes to meditation and visualization. This may be because the brain entrains more easily to the very distinct, clearly separated sound pulses of isochronic tones. Unlike binaural beats, you can also use isochronics with or without headphones, which makes them more convenient and accessible for many people.

The application is built in collaboration with The Unexplainable Store, the brainwave frequency specialist. The Unexplainable Store® has been providing brainwave entrainment since the year 2000. All recordings are Isochronic Tones in 320 Bitrate! The files are rather large to preserve up-most quality, so please be patient when downloading.

To know more information about The Unexplainable Store, please visit their homepage.

 How do the four fundamental brainwaves reflect your brain state?

 Delta Wave: You should be laying down comfortable and go all the way down to a deep sleep

 Theta Wave: You are dreaming that not able to physically function without flaws

 Alpha Wave: Very comfortable but conscious and aware

 Beta Wave: Awake alert and active

 Notable Features of Brainwaves:

 - Professionally built Isochronic Tones with high sound quality

 - 50+ brainwave recordings bring you to altered state of mind

 - Free samples of each brainwave recording

 - No extensive practice required

 - Feel the effects in minutes: Guaranteed!

 Testimonials From Users


"I have been using the ESP/Psychic Isochronic from the date of purchase, morning night and anywhere in-between. I give my thanks to you because I am starting to experience ESP/Psychic effects.... Absolutely Fantastic!!! I know there are other levels and I wish to purchase them. Many Thanks"


 Lucid Dreams

"I love this track. It really relaxes me and I notice that the next day when I awake, I can remember my dreams. I always had problems remembering my dreams the next day. It also seems like I am conscious while dreaming and I can make changes to the dream as I have done a few times. Normally my dreams go in the direction planned and if I do remember it the next day, it's usually and outcome that I didn't want. The pleasant tones of strings, tones and the ocean are soothing during this session. I believe it also relieves some of my stress as well!"


 Love Yourself

"The effect of this recording is amazing. I have used many different recordings in the past, including binaural beats. Nothing has ever had the effect that this recording has. When the session is finished I feel amazing. It's almost like magic!"


 Anxiety Aid

"I have read on the internet (and from my friend that recommended you) that your customer service is "above and beyond" - my experience mirrors that assessment!"

 Andrew C


"I believe that this one is a process and I will continue the necessary steps. I believe that since you can determine the outcome of your dreams and desires, you can Manifest the outcome as if it has already happened for you. Once we stop the compulsive thought process, the doubting and allow stress and anxiety to completely become non-existent, then and only then will Manifestation be possible."


 "Long and Short Term Memory"

"The product I purchased called long and short term memory is a great product. It gives me the mental enhancer I need to exercise and strengthen my focus and concentration to memorize facts and events. Using something natural and spiritual is the way to go. I would like to add to this growth by requesting your Achievement-Motivation recording. together I believe this combination will give the discipline and focus needed to reach my goals this year. Thank you again for these programs."

Rich B



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